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ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION | since 6 June 2009 | 57 fans

I had loved Rewrite for years, but it wasn't until After Dark that I really got into Ajikan. And I'm delighted I did, because they soon became one of my two favorite bands. I love listening to them for hours on end, rocking out or letting their music fade into the background. They're absolutely fantastic, and I'm thrilled to be running this site.

evolution: Ayumi Hamasaki


Ayumi Hamasaki | since 2 April 2016 | 24 fans

Ayu is my absolute favorite musician of all time, and I'm over the moon to run this fanlisting ♥ I've loved Ayu's music ever since discovering her in 2007, and she's been a constant presence in my music library ever since. If I could only listen to one artist for the rest of my life, it would be Ayu.

this is my story: Ayumi Hamasaki - MY STORY

this is my story

Ayumi Hamasaki - MY STORY | since 9 April 2008 | 26 fans

MY STORY was my first Ayu album, and even all these years later it's still my favorite of all her releases. From the amazing rock songs like About You and Liar and the gorgeous ballads like Moments and CAROLS, to HONEY and Humming 7/4, there's a little something of everything. I love the entire album to pieces. As of 2015, this fanlisting has a new layout and rewritten content.

So Say We All: Battlestar Galactica

So Say We All

Battlestar Galactica | since 26 October 2019 | 349 fans

One of my all-time favorite TV shows, and one I'm always happy to rewatch. There's nothing like a good space opera, and BSG goes above and beyond in every respect. From the compelling characters, the engaging storyline, and the incredible music, BSG is one of those shows I'll never forget. Adopted from Crissy!

Maelstrom: Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck


Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck | since 1 July 2018 | 6 fans

BSG is a show with a lot of characters and a lot of great storylines, but Kara has always been my favorite. She's a standout from the very start of the show, and her journey took very little time to captivate me. She's my absolute favorite TV character of all time, and I'm very happy to be running her fanlisting. ♥

How Do You Want To Do This?: Critical Role

How Do You Want To Do This?

Critical Role | since 25 October 2017 | 5 fans

Why am I busy every Thursday night? Because I'm watching a Dungeons & Dragons livestream. I never could have expected how much this show has come to mean to me, or what an impact it's made on my life, but I'm very, very grateful that I sat down to watch it. It is, bar none, one of the most compelling pieces of fiction I've ever experienced, and I can't imagine my life without it.

show me your brave heart: Digimon Adventure

show me your brave heart

Digimon Adventure | since 8 March 2020 | 12 fans

I honestly don't know where I'd be without Digimon. It was the first series where I really got into the online fandom, as small as it was in the late '90s. It's an incredibly nostalgic series for me, and one that's held up really well over the years.

War Never Changes: Fallout series

War Never Changes

Fallout series | since 13 July 2015 | 18 fans

Over the past few years, this has become one of my favorite game series of all time. Fallout's blend of post-apocalypse and retro-future tech is right up my alley, and its setting is one of the coolest I've ever explored in a game. It's just one of the neatest, wackiest game series out there, and one of my favorites to replay over and over again.

the uncommon king: FFT - Delita Heiral

the uncommon king

FFT - Delita Heiral | since 29 September 2009 | 19 fans

Throughout my entire first playthrough of Final Fantasy Tactics I always wanted to know where Delita was and what he was up to. It wasn't long before he became one of my favorite characters of all time. I've always wanted to expand this site, but I haven't replayed FFT in years, so who knows when I'll get to it. Thanks to Shukaku for letting me adopt this fanlisting.

the forgotten hero: FFT - Ramza Beoulve

the forgotten hero

FFT - Ramza Beoulve | since 6 February 2010 | 53 fans

The first time I played Final Fantasy Tactics, my focus was more on Delita than the hero of the story. As the game progressed, however, I was drawn more and more to Ramza's plight, and by the time the credits rolled, he had become one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters. I am incredibly grateful to Chiqui for allowing me to adopt this fanlisting. Like Delita, I'll eventually expand it into a full tribute.

Light of Judgment: FFVI - Kefka Palazzo

Light of Judgment

FFVI - Kefka Palazzo | since 10 June 2007 | 61 fans

Kefka is my all-time favorite Final Fantasy villain, and basically my favorite villain of all time. I've been fascinated by his character ever since I first played FFVI back in high school. Currently, the fansite content is offline pending a revamp, but there's a new layout up in the meantime.

Beyond the Sky: FFVII - Cid Highwind

Beyond the Sky

FFVII - Cid Highwind | since 26 January 2008 | 388 fans

For years I told myself I'd sit down and convert this fanlisting into a fansite, and in 2014 I finally did it. ♥ Features a number of written sections on Cid and a comprehensive media section, because Cid @$%^*' deserves some more love. So sit your ass down and drink some goddamn tea while you check it out. Many thanks to Aja for letting me adopt the fanlisting.

after the fire: FFVII - Cloud/Tifa

after the fire

FFVII - Cloud/Tifa | since 15 July 2014 | 20 fans

Cloud and Tifa's relationship is one of the cornerstones of FFVII for me. Their stories, both individually and together, are probably my favorite part of the entire FFVII saga. They go through a lot together, and I absolutely love every bit of their journey. This site will double as a fansite in the future.

before the rain: FFVII - Zack/Aerith

before the rain

FFVII - Zack/Aerith | since 3 January 2012 | 291 fans

I always enjoyed Aerith and Zack's relationship in FFVII and Advent Children, but naturally it was Crisis Core that sealed it for me. There's no changing what happens to them, and it's heartbreaking to watch, and yet I find myself hoping that they find happiness somehow. My thanks to Narriman for letting me adopt this fanlisting. Recently revamped!

Drafted: FFVIII - Laguna Loire


FFVIII - Laguna Loire | since 31 August 2014 | 296 fans

Laguna's been my favorite character in FFVIII since the first time I played the game, and this is a fanlisting I'm thrilled to get to run. He may be goofy, but you can't fault his passion. Characters like Squall are more and more common these days, but you don't see a lot of Lagunas, and that's why I've loved him all these years. Comes with a one-page fansite.

Awaken: FFXII - Ashe


FFXII - Ashe | since 15 May 2020 | 2 fans

Ashe has long been one of my top favorite FF characters, and I'm over the moon to run her fanlisting 💗 I love her story of a displaced princess bent on revenge against the empire who stole her kingdom — her arc is always what I look forward to when I replay.

pirate without a sky: FFXII - Balthier

pirate without a sky

FFXII - Balthier | since 2 October 2008 | 411 fans

Balthier is my favorite character in FFXII and one of my favorite characters overall. ♥ What's not to love about this dashing sky pirate? Every time I replay FFXII — despite levelling up my party members evenly — I always end up using Balthier as much as I can. I'm very, very grateful to Carolyn for letting me adopt this fanlisting.

Tear Down the Sky: FFXIII - Fang and Vanille

Tear Down the Sky

FFXIII - Fang and Vanille | since 10 May 2010 | 54 fans

Canon magic lesbians. Well, as canon as it gets in this series. Fang and Vanille have a gorgeous relationship, and over the three games of the FFXIII series I never stopped caring about them and wanting to see them get their happily ever after. Fang and Vanille are absolutely wonderful, and their story is one of my favorite parts of FFXIII as a whole. This site includes a couple sections on their development from the first game.

the azure dragoon: FFXIV - Estinien

the azure dragoon

FFXIV - Estinien | since 4 August 2020 | 5 fans

Estinien is one of those characters I knew I was going to love from the moment he appeared. He is nothing short of a disaster and unfortunately caters exactly to my tastes. Sometimes that's how it goes.

the future is where my destiny awaits: FFXIV - G'raha Tia

the future is where my destiny awaits

FFXIV - G'raha Tia | since 8 March 2020 | 4 fans

There's not much I can say about G'raha without getting into spoiler territory, so in brief: his story immediately captivated me, and he's easily become one of my all-time favorite Final Fantasy characters. And you should play FFXIV to find out why!

the light of hope: FFXIV - G'raha/Warrior of Light

the light of hope

FFXIV - G'raha/Warrior of Light | since 2 October 2020 | 3 fans

My love for this relationship is entirely based in spoilers, so all I'll say is that in no time at all, this has become one of my favorite relationships in the Final Fantasy series. Really, getting into FFXIV was worth it just for them.

Moonrise: FFXV - Lunafreya Nox Fleuret


FFXV - Lunafreya Nox Fleuret | since 12 February 2017 | 13 fans

The prequel film Kingsglaive made me fall in love with Luna, but I had some issues with how her character was further explored in the game. When I was approved for this fanlisting, I decided to explore everything I liked (and didn't) about Luna and her story, and the result was a small fansite.

sky of the ancients: Final Fantasy - Ivalice

sky of the ancients

Final Fantasy - Ivalice | since 16 May 2018 | 19 fans

The first Ivalice-centric game I played was FFTA, so it really wasn't until I played FFXII and FFT that I truly fell in love with this fascinating realm. I love Ivalice's gorgeous landscape and its in-depth politics, as well as every game I've played in it. Recently adopted back from Ash

Dear Friends: Final Fantasy - Music of

Dear Friends

Final Fantasy - Music of | since 30 June 2010 | 1340 fans

It only takes a couple of notes for a song from the Final Fantasy series to sweep you right back into the heart of the game. I love a lot of video game music, but the music of the Final Fantasy series is my absolute favorite, and I'm always on the lookout for new arrangements and remixes of my favorite songs. Thanks to Blair for letting me adopt this fanlisting.

Class Select: Final Fantasy Jobs

Class Select

Final Fantasy Jobs | since 8 September 2014 | 23 fans

This isn't actually a fanlisting, but since I run it through Enth it's organized with the rest of my fanlistings. Class Select is a clique where you can pick the job class that suits you best and grab a sprite for your website. As a huge fan of the Tactics games, and since I run a Ivalice domain, it was a no-brainer to make. Come by and join if you're a fan of Final Fantasy jobs!

the zodiac brave story: Final Fantasy Tactics

the zodiac brave story

Final Fantasy Tactics | since 7 August 2022 | 1 fans

Final Fantasy Tactics is a game in a class all its own. Between the incredibly indepth gameplay and the memorable political story, it's nothing short of a masterpiece, and it's been one of my favorites since I first played it. Now if only it had a rerelease!

Children's Games: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Children's Games

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance | since 22 June 2009 | 358 fans

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a game I hold near and dear to my heart. It was my first Final Fantasy game since it was the first released for a system I actually had (the GBA), and through it I found the amazing RPG genre. I've spent over 300 hours playing this game, and each time is just as good as the first. I'm very grateful to Jackie for letting me adopt this fanlisting ♥

Awakening: Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack


Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack | since 8 September 2007 | 30 fans

This is my very favorite soundtrack of all time. I first realized how much I loved the music when I was in the Veldt in my first playthrough, and it was through listening to it that I came to love video game music in general. This site is also a fansite for the soundtrack, and has all the information you could ever want to know about it. Recently revamped with a new layout and codes.

Zero Hour: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Zero Hour

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core | since 24 April 2008 | 116 fans

I first played Crisis Core in Japanese, having imported it shortly after its release. It says something (either about me or the game) that I completed the entire game and all of the missions in a language I didn't know, and then did it all over again when it came out in English. The plot's more than a little weird at points, but Crisis Core serves its purpose as the missing chapter of FFVII quite well where it counts, and the gameplay is fun as hell. Now if only the ending didn't make me cry. This fanlisting has recently been revamped.

Winds of Change: Final Fantasy XII

Winds of Change

Final Fantasy XII | since 4 April 2015 | 328 fans

My favorite Final Fantasy, and also my favorite game of all time (well, tied with FFVI). I pick up and replay FFXII whenever I want that feeling of coming home; there's just something about exploring Ivalice that makes me feel at ease. Plus, you know, I like setting my gambits so I can utterly destroy every monster I come across. Win-win. Couple that with a fascinating political drama, and it's no wonder I love this game so much.

The fanlisting was adopted from the amazing, wonderful Janice, for which I will be forever grateful. This site doubles as a massive fansite for FFXII and features tons of gameplay info, my opinions about the plot and characters, and a huge HD screencap gallery.

Defiers of Fate: Final Fantasy XIII

Defiers of Fate

Final Fantasy XIII | since 25 May 2014 | 28 fans

A surprise approval, but one I'm very happy about! ♥ Shortly after finishing Lightning Returns, I decided to build a fansite for the FFXIII series; with this approval, I decided to get started on it. This site currently serves as a fansite for the first game, and will be expanded to cover the other two in the future — and, of course, it's a fanlisting for the first game, my personal favorite in the subseries. I love all the development the characters get, the addictive gameplay (paradigm shift!), and the indepth worldbuilding.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow: Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers | since 29 December 2019 | 7 fans

I put off playing FFXIV for a long time because I knew that once I started, it was going to swallow me whole. Sure enough it did — but with a story like this, it's been absolutely worth it. Shadowbringers is the best Final Fantasy game in years, from the story to the music to the unforgettable villain. It's a long, long road to get there, but it's so completely worth it.

wholehearted: Fullmetal Alchemist - Alphonse Elric


Fullmetal Alchemist - Alphonse Elric | since 5 July 2019 | 1768 fans

Alphonse Elric is a good good boy who can do no wrong. I don't make the rules. Really, how can you not love this kid? As the kind and patient half of the Elric brothers, Alphonse offers some much-needed stability to the duo, and more importantly a whole lot of heart. Also: cats. All the cats.

Lost Heaven: Fullmetal Alchemist - Conqueror of Shamballa

Lost Heaven

Fullmetal Alchemist - Conqueror of Shamballa | since 3 October 2014 | 6 fans

This is my favorite anime film of all time, and has been pretty much since I first saw it in 2005. Which means it's pretty much fueled by nostalgia, I know. Shhh. Conqueror of Shamballa is a wonderful conclusion to the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime (which I also really love, because I like adaptations), and every couple of years I go back and rewatch it and get really emotional.

brotherhood: Fullmetal Alchemist - Edward and Alphonse


Fullmetal Alchemist - Edward and Alphonse | since 4 April 2022 | 3 fans

No matter how many times I revisit Fullmetal Alchemist, my favorite thing continues to be the relationship between Ed and Al. They're the backbone of the entire series, and it simply wouldn't be the same without them. I love these kids and everything they go through, together and apart.

icarus flew: Fullmetal Alchemist - Edward Elric

icarus flew

Fullmetal Alchemist - Edward Elric | since 31 March 2019 | 8 fans

Ed! ♥ Fullmetal Alchemist has been one of my favorite series since I was a kid, and this loudmouth is a big part of why. No matter what happens, Ed never gives up, and his enduring devotion to his brother and his friends has always inspired me.

My Dears: Gackt Camui

My Dears

Gackt Camui | since 27 October 2008 | 3451 fans

Gackt is one of my favorite musicians of all time, and one I honestly can't believe I own the fanlisting for. There's nothing like putting one of his albums on repeat and not needing to listen to anything else for a long, long time. I owe Daisy my eternal gratitude for letting me take over the fanlisting ♥ This site is in need of a new layout and a new information section.

Good Riddance: Hades

Good Riddance

Hades | since 30 November 2020 | 9 fans

An instant favorite. I've enjoyed Supergiant's Games since Transistor and Pyre blew me out of the park, but Hades takes it to a whole new level, featuring stunning gameplay and a lush world that reinvents classic myths. Will be expanded to a fansite soon!

were it so easy: Halo series

were it so easy

Halo series | since 5 January 2020 | 4 fans

If there's one game series I never expected to love, it's Halo. It's a series I've spent a lot of time with, whether in multiplayer or scream-filled Legendary runs. But it's the lore that really made me love it: a fascinating sci-fi story spanning the galaxy, with great characters and a really interesting story.

sympathetic squint: Idris Elba

sympathetic squint

Idris Elba | since 3 March 2014 | 34 fans

I first discovered Idris in The Wire and was blown away both by his pitch-perfect accent and his incredible acting. Since then, I've made it a point to check out anything he's in, and have enjoyed almost everything else he's been in. Idris is a fantastic actor, and one I look forward to following for years to come.

Consequences: Life is Strange


Life is Strange | since 16 May 2019 | 12 fans

I fell in love with Life is Strange as soon as I started playing it, and in the years since I've only come to love it more and more. From the lush setting and the pitch-perfect soundtrack to the fully realized characters, Life is Strange is one of those games I'll never forget. Co-owned with Rems!

everyday heroine: Life is Strange - Max Caulfield

everyday heroine

Life is Strange - Max Caulfield | since 21 November 2015 | 7 fans

Max was a character I connected to from the very moment I started playing Life is Strange. I found it really easy to relate to her: even amidst all of the supernatural elements, Life is Strange is very much a coming of age story and it's one that's really carried by Max's strength. She's a character that resonated really deeply with me.

Partners in Time: Life is Strange - Max/Chloe

Partners in Time

Life is Strange - Max/Chloe | since 22 November 2015 | 7 fans

Life is Strange is an emotional journey, but it's really all about these two. Throughout the five episodes of the game, we get to see the depth of how much Max and Chloe care about each other, and it's a journey that I know is going to stick with me for a long, long time. Co-owned with the lovely Rems

Magnolia: Lost - Juliet Burke


Lost - Juliet Burke | since 8 April 2014 | 133 fans

When season 3 started with Juliet in her kitchen, my first thought was "who is this and where the hell are the survivors from the crash and why are they having a goddamn book club." Before I knew it she was my favorite character in the whole damn show. I think her character arc is really unique, and even if I'm not big on the way it ended (typical for Lost in general) she's remained one of my favorite TV characters in the years since.

Return to the sky: Malice Mizer - Syunikiss ~nidome no aitou~

Return to the sky

Malice Mizer - Syunikiss ~nidome no aitou~ | since 12 August 2008 | 242 fans

Syunikiss ~nidome no aitou~ is my absolute favorite song of all time, and has been ever since I first listened to merveilles. This song never fails to sweep me away, mostly thanks to Gackt's beautiful voice. In short, I am in love with this song, and hope I always will be. I'm very thankful to Maj for letting me take over this fanlisting.

Phoenix Rising: Mass Effect - Miranda Lawson

Phoenix Rising

Mass Effect - Miranda Lawson | since 15 March 2014 | 11 fans

Miranda is my queen. I knew very little about her when I first played Mass Effect, but it took no time at all for her to become one of my absolute favorite characters ever. There's no one I'd rather have as my XO on the Normandy, and it's hard for me not to take her with me on all of the missions in ME2 even though I've already seen all her dialogue. This site will double as a tribute sometime in the future, but for now I'm thrilled to be running her fanlisting.

Undiscovered: Mass Effect: Andromeda


Mass Effect: Andromeda | since 24 May 2017 | 7 fans

I'm a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, but I never expected just how much I would enjoy Andromeda — though, really, I should have seen it coming. It builds on (and differs from) the original trilogy in a number of ways and manages to recapture that magical feeling of discovery that made the first game so special.

Love Square: Miraculous - Marinette (Ladybug)/Adrien (Cat Noir)

Love Square

Miraculous - Marinette (Ladybug)/Adrien (Cat Noir) | since 7 March 2016 | 14 fans

This relationship might be the fastest to ever capture my heart, but now that it's there it's certainly here to stay. Marinette and Adrien have the most adorable, hilarious relationship as superhero partners and the biggest case of the person you like is right in front of you why can't you see it. I love everything about this incredibly cute show and the mess that is this love square ♥

make it home: Monster

make it home

Monster | since 21 May 2017 | 8 fans

I knew that Monster was going to be one of my favorite series soon after I started watching it. Honestly, it's like it was tailor-made for my tastes: it's a psychological thriller with a tightly written plot and an incredibly engaging villain and a great cast of characters. What more could I ask for?

20 years old: ONE OK ROCK

20 years old

ONE OK ROCK | since 9 April 2012 | 12 fans

ONE OK ROCK is my other favorite band of all time, and even though it's been several years I still can't believe I actually own this fanlisting. I can't pick a single favorite OOR song because every single song they have is incredible, and they just keep getting better and better. This site doubles as a tribute to the band, but it's outdated and in need of an update.

In the Drift: Pacific Rim

In the Drift

Pacific Rim | since 7 April 2014 | 39 fans

I hesitate to call any movie my favorite, but Pacific Rim comes damn close. I mean, it's giant robots punching kaiju in the face. That alone would make the movie awesome, but then it went and had fantastic characters (Mako ♥), incredible worldbuilding, and a kickass soundtrack on top. There's nothing about this movie that isn't goddamn incredible.

whitenoise snowfall: Pokemon - Articuno

whitenoise snowfall

Pokemon - Articuno | since 13 December 2019 | 8 fans

Given that Pokémon Red was my first video game, it stands to reason that I'm extremely biased towards one of the original bird trio. Articuno has been my favorite original legendary since I was a kid, and pretty much always will be. What's not to love about this very pretty ice birb? Originally opened in 2010 and recently reopened with a fresh new layout.

Mystic: Pokemon - Dragonair


Pokemon - Dragonair | since 22 April 2019 | 35 fans

Dragonair has been one of my favorite Pokémon since the first time I played Red, and I've always delayed evolving it as long as possible, no matter how much I love Dragonite as well. This fanlisting was adopted out several years ago; I've reopened it with its old layout, which I hope to replace at some point.

Level 20: Pokemon - Gyarados

Level 20

Pokemon - Gyarados | since 19 February 2017 | 30 fans

I never planned it that way, but somehow, Gyarados is the Pokémon I've trained more than any other. In game after game, I've catched Magikarp after Magikarp and raised it to level 20, all to get a Gyarados on my team. This site is a chronicle of my history with Gyarados through every game in the series, and is a journey back through the past 20 years. Adopted from Chibi!

Soul Dew: Pokemon - Latias

Soul Dew

Pokemon - Latias | since 17 November 2019 | 3 fans

Latias has been one of my all-time favorite Pokémon since I first played the Hoenn games, even though the game I first played (Ruby) didn't actually have her. In 2015 I built a small fansite to show her some love, and I'm delighted to run a fanlisting for her now.

Coexistence: Pokemon - Ruby and Sapphire + remakes


Pokemon - Ruby and Sapphire + remakes | since 23 January 2015 | 29 fans

Hoenn is my childhood. Sure, I started with Pokémon Red, but Ruby is what I spent the most time playing and the game I loved the most. I loved all the new features and cherished my team, and when the remakes came out it was like reliving my childhood. I'm thrilled to get to experience it all over again.

Fury Cutter: Pokemon - Scyther

Fury Cutter

Pokemon - Scyther | since 9 July 2006 | 58 fans

My very first fanlisting! I've loved Scyther for many years, thanks to a friend who got me interested in it, and this site doubles as a fansite. You'll find analysis, suggested movesets, and an extensive picdex and artwork gallery at this site. Just watch out for the scythes.

Determination: Psycho-Pass - Tsunemori Akane


Psycho-Pass - Tsunemori Akane | since 1 January 2018 | 3 fans

Though Akane stuck out to me from the very first episode, I never could have imagined how much I'd grow to love her character over the course of the series. She undergoes a lot of growth in the first season, and by its end she'd easily become one of my favorite female leads — a feeling that only solidified when I watched the second season and the movie. Psycho-Pass would have appealed to me on the basis of its premise alone, but Akane's what really made it stick.

Providence: Rurouni Kenshin - Kyoto Arc


Rurouni Kenshin - Kyoto Arc | since 8 September 2014 | 7 fans

This is my favorite arc of any series, in any media. Every couple of years, I go back and rewatch or reread the Kyoto arc and remember just how good it is, from start to finish. Shishio's a fantastic villain (and easily one of my all-time favorites) and the entire arc is just a feat of great storytelling. I'm planning to expand this site into a personal tribute eventually.

Swift Death to Evil: Rurouni Kenshin - Saitou Hajime

Swift Death to Evil

Rurouni Kenshin - Saitou Hajime | since 13 November 2016 | 277 fans

Saitou has been my favorite character in Rurouni Kenshin ever since he first showed up in the series, and in all these years since that hasn't changed a bit. Every time I rewatch or reread the series, I can't wait to get to the parts with Saitou in it. He's a fascinating character, and though his sense of justice is in direct contrast to Kenshin's, it's no less interesting to watch.

Celestial Sphere: Sky

Celestial Sphere

Sky | since 12 April 2016 | 468 fans

This fanlisting is a dream come true to own ♥ The sky has always been a source of comfort and inspiration for me, and every time I look up I'm mesmerized by it. Whether it's the clouds above my head or in photography from around the world, I can never get enough of the sky. Adopted from Raine! (Photo credit.)

Elevate: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | since 4 August 2019 | 15 fans

This movie is nothing short of a joy. This is the kind of movie that I'd be happy to watch at the drop of a hat, it's such a good pick-me-up. Between the wonderful cast of characters, the utterly beautiful animation, and the fantastic soundtrack, this is one of those instant favorites. If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for?

undying dream: Tales of Phantasia

undying dream

Tales of Phantasia | since 13 January 2013 | 53 fans

This fanlisting was on my wishlist for so long that it still blows my mind I actually own it! I'm endlessly grateful to Varen for adopting it to me. Tales of Phantasia was a game I picked up on a whim, but I loved the hell out of it and have played it half a dozen times, loving it more and more every time. The characters are great, the gameplay is super fun, and I'm always up for time travel.

Summoner's Will: Tales of Phantasia - Klarth F. Lester

Summoner's Will

Tales of Phantasia - Klarth F. Lester | since 18 February 2007 | 31 fans

Klarth's been my favorite ToP character from the first time I played the game, and was actually one of the first fanlistings I ever opened. All these years later, I still love this ridiculous guy just as much. When I get around to replaying ToP, I'd like to expand this site and give it a new layout.

but what we make: Terminator - Sarah Connor

but what we make

Terminator - Sarah Connor | since 5 February 2020 | 4 fans

Is there a more iconic action heroine than Sarah Connor? I think not. The Terminator series has long been one of my favorites, and Linda Hamilton's portrayal is a huge part of it.

THERE IS NO FATE: Terminator 2: Judgment Day


Terminator 2: Judgment Day | since 17 February 2017 | 21 fans

One of my all-time favorite movies, and one I'm always happy to rewatch. Everything about this movie is fantastic, from the really interesting premise, spectacular action, one of my favorite heroines, and a really awesome twist. Hasta la vista, baby.

Story and Song: The Adventure Zone

Story and Song

The Adventure Zone | since 9 November 2017 | 4 fans

After I got into Critical Role I was looking for more D&D shows, and it wasn't long before I came across The Adventure Zone. TAZ starts out as a laugh-a-minute adventure, but by the end of its first campaign it became one of the best stories I've ever experienced, in any medium. If you like podcasts, this is a must-listen — and if you don't listen to them, this is a great place to start.

As You Wish: The Princess Bride

As You Wish

The Princess Bride | since 21 May 2015 | 45 fans

What is there to say about this movie? It's a cornerstone of my childhood, and one of my absolute favorite movies of all time. I know just about every line by heart, and it's hard to resist quoting along as I watch it. It's just got a ton of heart, and I love it to pieces.

there is no such thing as everyone: Tokyo Babylon

there is no such thing as everyone

Tokyo Babylon | since 25 March 2016 | 14 fans

Tokyo Babylon is my favorite series by CLAMP, no contest. While the slowly building tale between Seishirou and Subaru is a major focus, the thing that keeps me coming back is the backdrop of Tokyo itself, and the way this story makes it breathe. It's a lonely, heartbreaking story, but that's what makes it so memorable.

death wish: Tokyo Babylon/X - Seishirou and/vs. Subaru

death wish

Tokyo Babylon/X - Seishirou and/vs. Subaru | since 3 August 2014 | 20 fans

I've been fascinated with the dynamic between Seishirou and Subaru since I first read Tokyo Babylon in 2009. They're the definition of the idea that love can be the worst thing to ever happen to someone, something that can destroy you from the inside out. Theirs is a fascinating tale, and I've been drawn to it for years. This site has been a fansite since 2010; in August 2014 I revamped and renamed it, and it was expanded to cover them in fanlisting form as well.

RISK ZERO: Vagrant Story


Vagrant Story | since 23 March 2014 | 5 fans

Vagrant Story is both one of my favorite games of all time and a game I consider to be one of the greatest ever made. I've never played anything quite like it, and given that we're coming up on 15 years after its release, that's saying something. It's such an interesting mix of genres — roleplaying, crafting, dungeon-crawling, platforming, and good old buttonmashy hack-and-slash — without any element seeming out of place. It's hard as hell, sure, but its complexity is what makes it a masterpiece. Plus, you know, it's got an incredible story.

Turn Over A New Leaf: Valkyrie Profile

Turn Over A New Leaf

Valkyrie Profile | since 22 October 2014 | 7 fans

Valkyrie Profile has been one of my all-time favorite games ever since I first played it in 2006, and I try to go back and replay it every couple of years. The gameplay is incredible, I've always really connected with the story, and the music is absolutely incredible. If you haven't played it, I really recommend checking it out, and if you have, come by and join. ♥

Heaven's Requiem: Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth

Heaven's Requiem

Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth | since 5 August 2012 | 7 fans

I've loved Lenneth since the first time I played Valkyrie Profile, and every time I replay the game I fall in love with her character a little bit more. Her story is inspiring and heartbreaking, and this site explores her in quite some depth in the form of a one-page tribute. The fanlisting was a later addition; I may later make a separate layout for it, but for now it works.

Never Stop Dreaming: Valkyrie Profile - Mystina

Never Stop Dreaming

Valkyrie Profile - Mystina | since 4 October 2010 | 8 fans

Mystina was one of my absolute favorite Valkyrie Profile characters from the first time I played the game, and over time this has only increased. She may be selfish and stubborn, but there's a lot more to her than meets the eye, and discovering that in making a fansite for her was a really great experience. Thanks to Asato for letting me adopt this fanlisting.

Seraphic Gate: Valkyrie Profile series

Seraphic Gate

Valkyrie Profile series | since 27 May 2009 | 24 fans

I actually bought my PSP just to play Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth — I happened to read a review of it in a gaming magazine and was intrigued enough to go out and invest in the system earlier than I'd originally planned. And, of course, I found one of my favorite games. It stood to reason that I'd love the subsequent games in the series, and thus you have this fanlisting. Features multiple skins.

Seek A Way Out: Zero Escape

Seek A Way Out

Zero Escape | since 14 September 2016 | 10 fans

Morphogentic fields. Prisoner's dilemma. Schrödinger's cat. The Monty Hall problem. Ice-9. Anthropic principle. Digital root. Termites. Ganzfeld experiment. Radical-6.

To say anything about this series is to say too much. The only thing I knew about the first two games before I played them was that they were well-regarded. They were, without a doubt, some of the best games I have ever played in my life. When the third game was released, I literally could not put it down. If you're looking for something new to play, look no further than this series — you won't be disappointed.

tu fui, ego eris: Zero Escape - Sigma

tu fui, ego eris

Zero Escape - Sigma | since 5 March 2017 | 4 fans

I never expected that Virtue's Last Reward would end up my favorite game in the Zero Escape series, especially after how much I had enjoyed the first game, but after experiencing Sigma's story it was inevitable. VLR is a game with a really interesting narrative setup, and watching Sigma develop throughout the game was fantastic. I'm hoping to expand this into a fansite after I replay the game.

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