My love of video games started at age eight, when my parents gave me a Gameboy Color for my birthday along with Pokémon Red and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. Since then, I've loved escaping into the worlds of video games, whether it's Dracula's castle or the wide world of Pokémon. These are just a few of my favorites.

War Never Changes: Fallout series

War Never Changes

Fallout series | since 13 July 2015 | 18 fans

Over the past few years, this has become one of my favorite game series of all time. Fallout's blend of post-apocalypse and retro-future tech is right up my alley, and its setting is one of the coolest I've ever explored in a game. It's just one of the neatest, wackiest game series out there, and one of my favorites to replay over and over again.

Good Riddance: Hades

Good Riddance

Hades | since 30 November 2020 | 9 fans

An instant favorite. I've enjoyed Supergiant's Games since Transistor and Pyre blew me out of the park, but Hades takes it to a whole new level, featuring stunning gameplay and a lush world that reinvents classic myths. Will be expanded to a fansite soon!

were it so easy: Halo series

were it so easy

Halo series | since 5 January 2020 | 4 fans

If there's one game series I never expected to love, it's Halo. It's a series I've spent a lot of time with, whether in multiplayer or scream-filled Legendary runs. But it's the lore that really made me love it: a fascinating sci-fi story spanning the galaxy, with great characters and a really interesting story.

Consequences: Life is Strange


Life is Strange | since 16 May 2019 | 12 fans

I fell in love with Life is Strange as soon as I started playing it, and in the years since I've only come to love it more and more. From the lush setting and the pitch-perfect soundtrack to the fully realized characters, Life is Strange is one of those games I'll never forget. Co-owned with Rems!

everyday heroine: Life is Strange - Max Caulfield

everyday heroine

Life is Strange - Max Caulfield | since 21 November 2015 | 7 fans

Max was a character I connected to from the very moment I started playing Life is Strange. I found it really easy to relate to her: even amidst all of the supernatural elements, Life is Strange is very much a coming of age story and it's one that's really carried by Max's strength. She's a character that resonated really deeply with me.

Partners in Time: Life is Strange - Max/Chloe

Partners in Time

Life is Strange - Max/Chloe | since 22 November 2015 | 7 fans

Life is Strange is an emotional journey, but it's really all about these two. Throughout the five episodes of the game, we get to see the depth of how much Max and Chloe care about each other, and it's a journey that I know is going to stick with me for a long, long time. Co-owned with the lovely Rems

Phoenix Rising: Mass Effect - Miranda Lawson

Phoenix Rising

Mass Effect - Miranda Lawson | since 15 March 2014 | 11 fans

Miranda is my queen. I knew very little about her when I first played Mass Effect, but it took no time at all for her to become one of my absolute favorite characters ever. There's no one I'd rather have as my XO on the Normandy, and it's hard for me not to take her with me on all of the missions in ME2 even though I've already seen all her dialogue. This site will double as a tribute sometime in the future, but for now I'm thrilled to be running her fanlisting.

Undiscovered: Mass Effect: Andromeda


Mass Effect: Andromeda | since 24 May 2017 | 7 fans

I'm a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, but I never expected just how much I would enjoy Andromeda — though, really, I should have seen it coming. It builds on (and differs from) the original trilogy in a number of ways and manages to recapture that magical feeling of discovery that made the first game so special.

whitenoise snowfall: Pokemon - Articuno

whitenoise snowfall

Pokemon - Articuno | since 13 December 2019 | 8 fans

Given that Pokémon Red was my first video game, it stands to reason that I'm extremely biased towards one of the original bird trio. Articuno has been my favorite original legendary since I was a kid, and pretty much always will be. What's not to love about this very pretty ice birb? Originally opened in 2010 and recently reopened with a fresh new layout.

Mystic: Pokemon - Dragonair


Pokemon - Dragonair | since 22 April 2019 | 35 fans

Dragonair has been one of my favorite Pokémon since the first time I played Red, and I've always delayed evolving it as long as possible, no matter how much I love Dragonite as well. This fanlisting was adopted out several years ago; I've reopened it with its old layout, which I hope to replace at some point.

Level 20: Pokemon - Gyarados

Level 20

Pokemon - Gyarados | since 19 February 2017 | 30 fans

I never planned it that way, but somehow, Gyarados is the Pokémon I've trained more than any other. In game after game, I've catched Magikarp after Magikarp and raised it to level 20, all to get a Gyarados on my team. This site is a chronicle of my history with Gyarados through every game in the series, and is a journey back through the past 20 years. Adopted from Chibi!

Soul Dew: Pokemon - Latias

Soul Dew

Pokemon - Latias | since 17 November 2019 | 3 fans

Latias has been one of my all-time favorite Pokémon since I first played the Hoenn games, even though the game I first played (Ruby) didn't actually have her. In 2015 I built a small fansite to show her some love, and I'm delighted to run a fanlisting for her now.

Coexistence: Pokemon - Ruby and Sapphire + remakes


Pokemon - Ruby and Sapphire + remakes | since 23 January 2015 | 29 fans

Hoenn is my childhood. Sure, I started with Pokémon Red, but Ruby is what I spent the most time playing and the game I loved the most. I loved all the new features and cherished my team, and when the remakes came out it was like reliving my childhood. I'm thrilled to get to experience it all over again.

Fury Cutter: Pokemon - Scyther

Fury Cutter

Pokemon - Scyther | since 9 July 2006 | 58 fans

My very first fanlisting! I've loved Scyther for many years, thanks to a friend who got me interested in it, and this site doubles as a fansite. You'll find analysis, suggested movesets, and an extensive picdex and artwork gallery at this site. Just watch out for the scythes.

undying dream: Tales of Phantasia

undying dream

Tales of Phantasia | since 13 January 2013 | 53 fans

This fanlisting was on my wishlist for so long that it still blows my mind I actually own it! I'm endlessly grateful to Varen for adopting it to me. Tales of Phantasia was a game I picked up on a whim, but I loved the hell out of it and have played it half a dozen times, loving it more and more every time. The characters are great, the gameplay is super fun, and I'm always up for time travel.

Summoner's Will: Tales of Phantasia - Klarth F. Lester

Summoner's Will

Tales of Phantasia - Klarth F. Lester | since 18 February 2007 | 31 fans

Klarth's been my favorite ToP character from the first time I played the game, and was actually one of the first fanlistings I ever opened. All these years later, I still love this ridiculous guy just as much. When I get around to replaying ToP, I'd like to expand this site and give it a new layout.

RISK ZERO: Vagrant Story


Vagrant Story | since 23 March 2014 | 5 fans

Vagrant Story is both one of my favorite games of all time and a game I consider to be one of the greatest ever made. I've never played anything quite like it, and given that we're coming up on 15 years after its release, that's saying something. It's such an interesting mix of genres — roleplaying, crafting, dungeon-crawling, platforming, and good old buttonmashy hack-and-slash — without any element seeming out of place. It's hard as hell, sure, but its complexity is what makes it a masterpiece. Plus, you know, it's got an incredible story.

Turn Over A New Leaf: Valkyrie Profile

Turn Over A New Leaf

Valkyrie Profile | since 22 October 2014 | 7 fans

Valkyrie Profile has been one of my all-time favorite games ever since I first played it in 2006, and I try to go back and replay it every couple of years. The gameplay is incredible, I've always really connected with the story, and the music is absolutely incredible. If you haven't played it, I really recommend checking it out, and if you have, come by and join. ♥

Heaven's Requiem: Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth

Heaven's Requiem

Valkyrie Profile - Lenneth | since 5 August 2012 | 7 fans

I've loved Lenneth since the first time I played Valkyrie Profile, and every time I replay the game I fall in love with her character a little bit more. Her story is inspiring and heartbreaking, and this site explores her in quite some depth in the form of a one-page tribute. The fanlisting was a later addition; I may later make a separate layout for it, but for now it works.

Never Stop Dreaming: Valkyrie Profile - Mystina

Never Stop Dreaming

Valkyrie Profile - Mystina | since 4 October 2010 | 8 fans

Mystina was one of my absolute favorite Valkyrie Profile characters from the first time I played the game, and over time this has only increased. She may be selfish and stubborn, but there's a lot more to her than meets the eye, and discovering that in making a fansite for her was a really great experience. Thanks to Asato for letting me adopt this fanlisting.

Seraphic Gate: Valkyrie Profile series

Seraphic Gate

Valkyrie Profile series | since 27 May 2009 | 24 fans

I actually bought my PSP just to play Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth — I happened to read a review of it in a gaming magazine and was intrigued enough to go out and invest in the system earlier than I'd originally planned. And, of course, I found one of my favorite games. It stood to reason that I'd love the subsequent games in the series, and thus you have this fanlisting. Features multiple skins.

Seek A Way Out: Zero Escape

Seek A Way Out

Zero Escape | since 14 September 2016 | 10 fans

Morphogentic fields. Prisoner's dilemma. Schrödinger's cat. The Monty Hall problem. Ice-9. Anthropic principle. Digital root. Termites. Ganzfeld experiment. Radical-6.

To say anything about this series is to say too much. The only thing I knew about the first two games before I played them was that they were well-regarded. They were, without a doubt, some of the best games I have ever played in my life. When the third game was released, I literally could not put it down. If you're looking for something new to play, look no further than this series — you won't be disappointed.

tu fui, ego eris: Zero Escape - Sigma

tu fui, ego eris

Zero Escape - Sigma | since 5 March 2017 | 4 fans

I never expected that Virtue's Last Reward would end up my favorite game in the Zero Escape series, especially after how much I had enjoyed the first game, but after experiencing Sigma's story it was inevitable. VLR is a game with a really interesting narrative setup, and watching Sigma develop throughout the game was fantastic. I'm hoping to expand this into a fansite after I replay the game.

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