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I started watching Miraculous purely because of Lethe; I saw her post a bunch of images from the show, and the more I saw the cuter the show looked. The next thing I knew I was head over heels for the series and its lead characters. Marinette and Adrien have the most ridiculously complex relationship for a pair of teenage superheroes but I love it. The two of them are adorable and every time they interact in the show (in whatever combination) I get all warm and fuzzy. Honestly, it's absurd how cute they are.

This site is of course named for their strangely shaped dynamic; how they managed a two person love square, I'm still wondering, but here we are. The background pattern is by dragonartz.


 Adrien/Chat Noir Marinette/Ladybug

I'm happy to affiliate with any site or fanlisting related to Miraculous Ladybug or similar animated shows. Contact me if you're interested.

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