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This fanlisting collective began in 2007, and has quite a few names during its run. I've always had a hard time settling on a name for my fanlisting collective, as evidenced by the fact I keep changing it, whoops. I took more care with choosing this one; I wanted something that wasn't specifically tied to a fandom that I might lose interest in or something that was generic enough that just worked on its own.

Heartplace ended up being the best fit. I took the name from an Ayumi Hamasaki song; it'd take a lot for me to stop liking my favorite musician, but even if the unthinkable should happen and I did, it's still a fitting name for a fanlisting collective. After all, the sites here are some of my very favorite things, which I've loved for many years. So Heartplace works nicely.

(But seriously I don't ever want to change the name again. I like this one!)


This layout, titled springtime blues, is the eighth layout for the collective and the first for this name. Since the new name is Ayu-inspired, I wanted to do an Ayu theme, but I had a hell of a time finding a suitable image, let alone designing anything. Eventually I settled on an image from her "BLUE BIRD" single, which is one of my favorites both in terms of cover art and the actual song.

It's actually still winter as I put this up, as evidenced by the pile of snow outside my window. The bright, colorful layout is my way of trying to get spring to get here already.

Resources used are by sweettasteofbitter, lovelytrash.org (defunct), and subtlepatterns.

layout archive

Hover to see the date the layout went up. Most of these are really, really old.

where's your keep in mind list?

I don't keep it online anymore; it's a hassle to maintain. If you'd like to be kept in mind for one of my fanlistings if I should choose to let it go, please send me an email with the subject "Heartplace Keep In Mind List". You will not be kept in mind if you do not use this subject line. (Mostly because I won't find it in my gmail labels otherwise.)

Please list the fanlistings you're interested in within the body of your email. I prefer to adopt out to my KIM list before public adoptions. If you'd like to check if you're on the list, just email me.

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