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My introduction to ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION was, like many, through their song "Rewrite," the fourth opening of the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime. Though I'd enjoyed all of the other opening songs, "Rewrite" stood out as my favorite. The fact that it was the last opening for an anime series I love alone would have cemented it in my mind, but it was the song itself that stuck with me. It was the instrumental part that I liked the most; it was unlike anything I'd ever heard before. And, of course, the band's odd name made it pretty hard to forget.

Despite that, though, that was all I had of the band for several years. It wasn't until I heard their music in another anime opening that I was reintroduced to them — to be exact, "After Dark," which was used in the Bleach anime. It got me interested in the band again, so I sought out their music and discovered one of my favorite bands.

Ajikan's music is one of my favorites to play as as background music for hours on end. I can easily focus on the music and actually listen to it or just let it play and enjoy the overall effect. In fact, I can listen to them for hours and not realize the time has even passed.

I decided to call the site unseen tomorrow, the English name of their mini-album Mada Minu Ashita ni, because I loved the mental image the lyrics of the title track gave:

Exaggerated news will eventually fade
Yes, scattering into pieces as it revolves
We who are presently here
Yes, to an unseen tomorrow
No matter how sad the ending awaiting us is
Let's call it hope

The layout features Yusuke Nakamura's terrific album art for Sol-fa, Houkai Amplifier, and Fan Club, all of which I got from Flash Back, along with the images used in the codes and all lyrics scattered around.


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Interested in affiliating? Just contact me. Any AKFG-related fanlisting is welcome for affiliation, as well as any fanlisting for a Japanese musician.

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