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Welcome to Awakening, a fansite for the gorgeous soundtrack of the classic game Final Fantasy VI. Boasting everything from a theme for each of its fourteen playable characters, an opera, and an ending theme of over 20 minutes, this soundtrack remains one of the best collections of songs in the entire Final Fantasy series.

This site hosts a wealth of information about this soundtrack, including information about the many different albums on which its music has been rereleased. To learn more about the FFVI soundtrack, please visit the music section. Otherwise, if you're a fan, please do take a minute to pick up a code and join the list of fans. You can also learn more about this website.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the guestbook. Thanks for visiting!

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I also run the fanlisting for the music of the Final Fantasy series. Check it out if you're a fan!

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