The Music of Final Fantasy VI

cover First released on 25 March 1994 (with many reprints since), the Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version is a collection of the music from the video game Final Fantasy VI, which was released in 1994 for the Super Famicom (the Japanese name for the SNES). The game first came to the rest of the world as Final Fantasy III on the SNES and was rereleased under its original title for the Playstation, Gameboy Advance, and iOS/Android in later years. The soundtrack's sole composer and arranger was Nobuo Uematsu, who until Final Fantasy X was the main composer for the series.

In North America, the soundtrack was first released on 1 July 1994 under the name Kefka's Domain, and has likewise been rereleased many times since. You can learn more about this soundtrack's many different releases here.

At the time of its release, the music of Final Fantasy VI was considered one of the greatest soundtracks ever composed for a video game. In the 20 years since Final Fantasy VI's original release, it has found new life in everything from professional orchestral arrangements produced by Square Enix to hundreds of remixes created by fans. You can learn more about these in the links below.

If you're interested in purchasing the album, my first recommendation is to see if iTunes has released it in your country; I bought mine from the US store. It's also available on Spotify and Youtube.

As this is my favorite soundtrack of all time, there's a lot to talk about! You can find more information here about the things I touched on above.

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