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I fell in love with Final Fantasy VI's music during my first playthrough; specifically, when I first reached the Veldt. I remember I was wandering through it, battling monsters occasionally, when the music caught my interest and made me stop and pay attention to it. I'd never done that with video game music before, but in this case it was so good that I had to just stop and listen.

Over time, the soundtrack has become the one I cherish the most of all the video game music I've ever heard. It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing; I'm always happy to turn it on and listen through it all the way one more time. In recent years, I've come to appreciate it even more through remixes and arrangements of the original songs.

If you're wondering why this site lacks a review of the soundtrack, it's because it should be self-evident how much I love it. I am the most biased person about this soundtrack. Talk to me more for more than five minutes and I'll have probably explained why Dancing Mad is the greatest final battle music of all time and linked you to six remixes. I might actually love the soundtrack more than the game, and Final Fantasy VI is my favorite game of all time. It's that bad.

The site is named after the track "Awakening," because it struck me that it most captured the overall theme of the game for me: how each character grows and changes through the game, for better or worse. My initial idea was after the track "Metamorphosis," but my preference for "Awakening" (both as a title and a song) won out in the end.

This site opened on 8 September 2007. It's always had some extra content, which I've added and subtracted over the years, mostly for quality control purposes. I'm happy with its current form, though. This is the third layout, featuring a sketch of the game logo by Yoshitaka Amano, found on the FF Wiki. Tetures used are by tbh-1138 and chamberten (defunct).

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You'll find the most relevant links to FFVI's music scattered through the music section, but a quick list of sites to check out is below. Have another link for me to check out, or want to exchange links? Drop me a line!

If you're interested in other FFVI stuff by me, check out Light of Judgment, my Kefka site. Alternatively, you can visit Dear Friends, the Final Fantasy music fanlisting.

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