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Fallout was a series that took a long time for me to get into, but once I did, I was completely hooked. When I first picked up Fallout 3 I'd never played anything like it before, and as a result I had absolutely no idea what I was doing -- it's a hard game to get into if you're totally lost! Thankfully, Carolyn was there to help me play through the opening and guide me into the wasteland, and with her help I slowly got the hang of it. Before long I was well on my way to taking over the entire wasteland with my character -- I mean, uh, saving all those poor, helpless NPCs. (Who am I kidding, I played an evil character. Way more fun that way.)

From there, I wanted nothing but to play as much Fallout as I could. New Vegas was just as great of a journey as 3 had been, just in a totally different way, which I enjoyed a lot. I went back and played through both games multiple times, but it was the setting that had really captured my interest. Fallout has fascinating worldbuilding, and I absolutely love the post-apocalyptic, retro-future vibe it has. So, from there I went on to explore the first two games -- which is still a work in progress, because there's a definite shift between them in gameplay, but it's been a blast nevertheless. (It should come as no surprise that Fallout 4 more or less took over my life upon release.)

The site title comes from the iconic opening monologue, of course. How could I pick anything else?

This layout features a number of the perks from Fallout 3. I had to put it together fairly quickly, but I'm happy with how it came out. Fallout is half wacky and half serious, and I definitely wanted to portray the wacky side of it. All the perk images are from the Fallout wiki.


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I'm happy to affiliate with any site or fanlisting related to Fallout. I'm also happy to affiliate with fanlistings for other western role-playing games. Contact me if you're interested.