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Released in 1991, Terminator 2: Judgment Day is the sequel to the 1984 film Terminator. Directed by James Cameron (also known for Aliens, Titanic, Avatar, and other films), they are worldwide successes.

In the first film, a deadly cyborg from 2029 is sent back to the year 1984 in order to kill Sarah Connor in order to stop her son from being born. Sarah evades the Terminator with the help of Kyle Reese, who was also sent back in time, and who ends up fathering her son. Kyle tells her that in 1997, an artificial intelligence called Skynet becomes self-aware and initiates a nuclear holocaust. In Kyle's time, her son, John Connor, is the leader of the human resistance against the machines. The Terminator continues to pursue them, and Kyle is ultimately killed in the attempt to take down the Terminator, but Sarah manages to crush the Terminator in a hydraulic press.

The sequel, Terminator 2, is set in 1995, just two years before Skynet is due to come online. Sarah has lost custody of John and is in a high-security mental hospital, while John struggles to adjust to a normal life with his foster parents. Once again, a Terminator is sent back to the past to kill John — and once again, the resistance sends someone to protect him.

I highly recommend the first two films in the Terminator series if you haven't seen them and enjoy science fiction or action movies; they both hold up really well. I don't recommend the other movies in the series. The short-lived TV series is also worth a look.

As a note, there are two versions of this film, the original theatrical release and the director's cut. The director's cut is the one I recommend; it adds in several scenes that improve the flow and characterization and offers an alternate ending.

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