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Fanlistings linking to TFL or TAFL do not currently exist. If you happen to build it, or know that someone else has rebuilt it, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know so I can rejoin.

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 FFIV - Celes Chere FFVI - Aria di Mezzo Carattere FFVI - Celes's Theme FFVI - Cyan Garamonde FFVI - Edgar Roni Figaro FFVI - Kefka Palazzo FFVI - Locke & Terra FFVI - Locke Cole FFVI - Locke/Celes FFVI - Mog FFVI - Relm Arrowny FFVI - Sabin Rene Figaro FFVI - Setzer Gabbiani FFVI - Terra Branford FFVI - Ultros Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack

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